Barbastelle Tracking Diary – part 5

Late May 2015  It’s the last day of May and the weather hasn’t been too kind to the barbastelle bat tracking team. Watching the Countryfile weather review of the month we hear that May has been colder than usual with higher than average rainfall and, more often than not, the sun has been obscured by cloud. Preparing to set off for a night’s bat tracking are we feeling gloomy? No. Andy and the volunteers managed to trap five female barbastelleRead more

Barbastelle Tracking Diary – part 4

May 2015  On Sunday 10th May the barbastelle bat tracking team met in the Bovey Valley Woods. After two chilly weeks without much bat activity the weather had finally showed signs of warming a little. The group of volunteers, led by Andy Carr (PhD researcher at the University of Bristol) carried bundles of heavy equipment down into the valley to meet at the footbridge over the Becka Brook. Gathering in an optimistic huddle the group were briefed on the taskRead more