Sawmill Activity at Bovey Valley

15th – 19th February 2016: Drop in between 11am and 3:30pm

Bring your friends and family to see the 30-metre-tall timber giants being cut down to size with a mobile sawmill. See a demonstration of local timber production and enjoy the buzz of watching wood being processed from a full size tree into planks for bird and bat boxes. You may be able to take a piece of timber to create a home in your garden for the wildlife there.

You can also wander round the woodland tracks of the Bovey Valley and enjoy the sounds of the woodland birds and the river Bovey. The timber for the nest boxes is being produced from larch and Douglas fir trees that are being cut from the Woodland Trust woods to allow the wild British broadleaved woodland to be restored. Some nest boxes will be used in local Woodland Trust woods to provide bat roosts and additional nesting sites for birds and dormice.

Come and play a part in protecting wildlife in the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve and in your own garden.

This is a free event, donations welcome on the day.

For full details  go to



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