Banking on the River Bovey

After successive wet winters, a section of woodland track along the bank of the river Bovey in Pullabrook Woods has suffered some serious erosion. Each year as the river level has risen, the surface has gradually been lifted and rolled downstream by the flood water. In places the track has been made impassable by the sharp ridges of bedrock, jutting from the ground. Access along this route is not only needed for those enjoying a walk in the valley butRead more

Firewood Day in the Bovey Valley

On a chilly March morning the residents in the vicinity of the Bovey Valley Woods had the chance to pick up a load of firewood from the woodland gate. After the winter’s thinning work throughout the valley, a few remaining stacks of logs stood beside the forest track. The bulk of the large Douglas fir and larch sawlogs resulting from the work had been extracted to commercial sawmills, leaving a few tonnes of low grade hardwood thinnings. People gathered withRead more

Smoke, Wood Skills and Horses

Once again the smell of wood smoke filled the air combined with the friendly chatter of voices. A steady thudding sound passes by along with the clink of chains – The horse is pulling 3 hefty logs of wood along with complete ease. As you look across the glade several small fires are releasing small plumes of smoke. These are keeping people warm, allowing bread and marshmallows to be toasted, and making mini-charcoal sticks – perfect for adding camouflage toRead more

Who’s been eating my holly?

At the East Dartmoor Woods and Heaths National Nature Reserve we have a lively herd of 14 Dartmoor ponies that we heavily rely on to help us with the management of the land. Their names are Magpie, Star, Big Nose, Pignut, Tanzy, Curlew, Swift, Merlin, Karen, Kate Bush, Marmaduke, Monty, Bert and Midnight. This lovely bunch live on the Reserve; 6 within Yarner Wood and the other 8 currently in our fields. They’ve recently returned from their annual Dawlish winter holiday,Read more

On the Timber Trail from Bovey Valley Woods

Following the trail of timber from the Bovey Valley Woods sawmilling event at half term, the next chapter of the story continued at Kenton Primary School near Exeter. During recent science lessons, the children of years 5 and 6 that make up Chestnut class have been learning about living things in their habitats. Their teacher, Mr. Kay, had visited the sawmilling event during the school holidays and saw how planks of wood were cut from large timber trunks. He watchedRead more

Working Woodlands at Bovey Valley Woods

Join us on Sunday 20th March 2016 at Pullabrook Wood 11am-3.30pm Discover how woods were used in the past and how we look after them today. Join us to see horse logging in action, traditional woodcrafts, charcoal making, hurdle making, walks by our site manager and more. We will have a storyteller telling woodland related stories too. Suitable for all ages including adults. Drop in anytime and spend as long as you want. Wear strong shoes suitable for uneven and muddy groundRead more