Taking a Long-Term View

Woodland restoration, by its very nature, needs to be a slow and gentle process, working respectfully to favour the wildlife while extracting quality timber. To make changes in the woods, a steady and progressive tree felling strategy allows ecosystems to adjust before the next groups of trees are thinned. As they are felled, more light can reach the plants below to restore their variety and vigour. This year some of the larch trees in the Bovey Valley’s Hisley Woods areRead more

From fungi to 4×4’s – life as a new Conservation Assistant

With the autumn season that has just begun its seasonal rain and the leaves that have started to turn all sorts of striking colours – from gold and bronze to russet and deep red, here at Yarner Wood there are some new faces within the team. Beany, Natalija and Sarah have just begun their one year journey as EcoSkills trainees. With a passion for nature, they all have a background in ecology and conservation and are eager to pursue careers inRead more

Fungi Foray Fun -A fabulous afternoon looking for poison pies and crumble caps, angels and devils…

So what was going on in the woods a few Sundays ago? A group of about 20 of us were on a Fungi Foray in Yarner Wood with the Moor than meets the eye landscape partnership project. We were ably led by David Farley, a local fungi specialist, and colleagues from Natural England and the Woodland Trust. We had great fun finding different species and collecting them in our willow baskets. We really began to notice how many, and howRead more

Felling Larch at Hisley Woods – It’s All in the Timing

As autumn makes its way across the Dartmoor landscape the colours are changing throughout the Bovey Valley Woods and the wildlife is getting set for winter. Glowing pools of sunlight illuminate the bronzing oak leaves and golden larch as the trees slowly slip into dormancy but they aren’t alone in their winter preparations. One of the treasured residents of the woods, the hazel dormouse, a protected species, is getting ready for hibernation. During October, they are building up their weight,Read more