Ground Level Research in the Woods

As we descend into the depths of winter us humans may be thinking of how to keep ourselves warm. At home, we possibly have the option of turning up the heating or putting another log on the fire. If we are venturing out, we might put on a pair of gloves or perhaps dig out that Christmas jumper from last year; other suitably fashionable options are available. If you are setting off for a winter walk in the woods, you’llRead more

Pullabrook Larch – News from the Bovey Valley Woods

Along the western side of Great Britain, a plant disease is becoming an increasing problem for woodland owners as it gradually spreads and infects larch trees. It is a fungus-like pathogen that causes extensive damage and mortality to trees and other plants, but is particularly virulent where stands of larch are growing in timber plantations. Since 2009, when it was discovered infecting and killing large numbers of Japanese larch trees in South West England, the Forestry Commission has developed aRead more

Gems Set in the Sparkling Bovey Valley – Vinnimore Diary part 2

The next time you are out for a walk along the Old Manaton Road in the lower part of Hisley Wood, pause for a while to look around to see what treasures are there, there may be more than meets the eye. The tangled mass of mossy trees and ferns in the waterlogged ground beside the river Bovey may not initially look like a wildlife haven but this wet woodland is teeming with life. Also known as Willow and AlderRead more