Granite: 400 million years and counting

Friday morning 20th January 2017 saw a meeting of about 30 people in the Woodland Centre at Yarner Wood, on the next stage of Granite Elements. Andy Bailey, on behalf of Moor than meets the eye, welcomed us and set the scene on the project so far: Parishscapes – investigating local use of granite. He explained that artists Bridget Arnold and Viv Styles, launched the idea last March and there has been a packed programme of walks and art daysRead more

Woodland birds’ response to climatic change

The RSPB is investigating the impacts of climate change on the breeding success of woodland birds including the declining Pied Flycatcher. In this blog Malcolm Burgess, from the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, shares the findings of his latest research work carried out in Yarner Wood. The onset of spring is getting earlier. Understanding the effects of this on woodland phenology and on the breeding success of woodland birds is being investigated across northern Europe, including in the UK. We know thatRead more

The Ponies of East Dartmoor’s Woods – Part Two

In The Ponies of East Dartmoor’s Woods – Part One I talked about how important our herd of 14 Dartmoor ponies is in maintaining the structure and biodiversity found in the woods today. In this blog I look at what we do for our ponies, in return for all their hard work. I also highlight some of the issues involved with keeping a herd of semi-wild Dartmoor ponies, in a reserve where human interaction is inevitable and how visitors can enjoy these poniesRead more

An Open Canopy – The Science of Woodland Restoration

This winter some weighty timber is being felled and extracted from Houndtor Woods in the Bovey Valley, and cutting the bulky stems is just one part of the complex operation. These Douglas fir and spruce trees were planted over 50 years ago to produce timber and have now reached a size where they can be converted into high quality structural beams, though the challenge is to extricate the cumbersome cut stems from steep terrain along twisting forest tracks. The operationsRead more

The Ponies of East Dartmoor’s Woods – Part One

This is part one of a two part blog series, on the ponies of the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve. Regular visitors to Yarner Woods may have been fortunate enough to stumble across some of our resident Dartmoor ponies. In total, we manage a small herd of 14 individuals. Their presence in the reserve is very much to our benefit however the relationship that we have with these little ponies is not one-way. In part one, I describe how throughRead more