Take Shelter in Yarner Wood

For the wildlife of Dartmoor, Yarner Woods provides essential shelter from the extremes of the moorland weather, the swirling wind, thunderous storms and even the occasional blazing sun. The grand oaks of this nature reserve withstand the regular pressures thrown at them from the Atlantic weather systems and maintain a calm and safe hideout for the wild residents. But for those sensitive creatures that need a little more protection, a new wooden shelter has just been built among the oak trees. Natural England, the nature reserve managers, have employed a local company, Devon Maintenance Plus to replace the ageing Field Museum with a substantial rustic construction using traditional materials. To stand up to the elements, the design has a sturdy look and is made entirely of wood, with cedar shingles covering the roof and an oak built frame.

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As well as the long lasting and enduring woodland refuge, the oak-fenced enclosure will house some seating for bird watchers, picnickers and those with weary legs. As it stands, it is almost complete but for one defining feature. For an oak shelter standing in an ancient oak wood, a handmade wooden acorn will finish it off perfectly before the grand opening. The final finial!

by Matt Parkins

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