News from the Vinnimore Dig – Day 5

There was a real sense of anticipation and excitement on site today as we approach the end of the dig and begin preparations for the open day tomorrow.  As the weather was milder, the midges were out in full force which made working conditions a little difficult at times.  Fortunately, our volunteers are a resilient and hardy bunch who aren’t to be put off by swarms of these tiny insects.

28.04.17 Surveying the site_Emma Stockley
Marc and John from Oakford Archaeology surveying the site

John and Marc from Oakford Archaeology began the process of archaeological recording – drawing and surveying the trenches and key features.  These drawings will be included in the final excavation report.  This involved the two hearths being ‘cleaned up’ to remove any remaining roots and earth.  This also ensures that the features are clear in any photographs taken of the site.

There were many finds today including more fragments of clay pipe and various pottery sherds, window glass, a mandible (jawbone) from a currently unidentified mammal (not a human!) as well as a few more flints.

Alexa and Janet were on finds-processing duty and spent a large part of the day painstakingly washing all the finds with toothbrushes in warm water.  This will enable the fabric of the pottery to be seen more clearly which will aid official identification at a later date.

28.04.17Alexa+Janet washing the finds_Emma Stockley
Alexa and Janet washing the finds

We hosted a visit of members of the Moor Medieval Study Group and friends (Moor Medieval is another Moor than meets the eye scheme project).  The group enjoyed a guided walk around the Bovey Valley looking at the historic farmstead of Boveycombe before a guided walk around the excavation site.

The week has brought together a wide range of people and those who haven’t been able to join in with physical tasks have supported us in other ways – baking amazing biscuits and cakes which see us through the day.  Our huge thanks to all those involved so far – it’s been a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience in many ways.  We’re really looking forward to welcoming people back to the site on Saturday for the Open Day to share the progress we’ve made over the last week.

by Emma Stockley, Moor than meets the eye – Community Heritage Officer

This community excavation has been organised as part of the Lustleigh Parishscapes Project, just one of the projects within the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme, that is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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