End of an Era

As many of you will be aware the Moor than meets the eye partnership scheme draws to a close later this year and the EcoSkills graduate trainee programme has come to an end… All together 15 of the 17 trainee Conservation Assistants who participated in the project, based here at Yarner, are employed in the conservation sector with 6 working in Devon / Eastern Cornwall – a wonderful legacy  for both the project and for the individuals concerned.  Congratulations to Katherine Hewkin who is the  last remaining Conservation Assistant in post – she is moving into a new role at the Hawk and Owl Trust in Norfolk next month.

In the last few weeks of her traineeship Katherine recorded a reflection of her time here at East Dartmoor, you can listen to this audio on the link below, where she explains the impact of the traineeship on herself and the other trainees. Linda Corkerton, who has skillfully guided this project over the last five years, has combined some images to accompany Katherine’s recording, illustrating the huge variety of activities that she has been involved with during her year with us. Katherine did not know at the time of recording about her new role in Norfolk. Congratulations!

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