Yarnia comes to Yarner

Over 80 people braved the rain one wet Saturday before Christmas (8th December) to take part in the Yarner Wood Christmas Pantomime Walk, to discover that there really is “more than meets the eye” to Dartmoor’s woodlands, even in the winter. They were treated to performances from colourful pantomime characters, who all looked strangely familiar, as they entered the world of Yarnia through an old upcycled wardrobe. Once in the land of Yarnia everyone had to work together collecting natural treasure to defeatRead more

Pearls of Wisdom

Thursday was definitely not ideal butterfly weather- cold and wet –which was a shame after such a beautiful start to May. But a brave bunch of us gathered in the beautiful location of Yarner Woods at the Woodland Centre to meet Megan Lowe from Butterfly Conservation and to learn more about the ecology and field identification of two of our early rare moorland butterflies the pearl bordered and small pearl bordered fritillary Over the sometimes torrential rain which threatened toRead more

Up with the birds

Fresh off the back of the Woodland festival lectures was a chance for people to get out and visit the National Nature Reserve and see some of the wildlife we’d been talking about the day before. Billed as a Beginners guide to the Dawn chorus this was definitely a more gentle way to ease us into the joys of early morning birdsong with a relatively leisurely 7am start. We were greeted by gentle sunshine easing through the trees and creatingRead more

Understanding Dartmoor’s woodlands

At this time of year the suggestion that a bunch of naturalists should spend time indoors is usually met with derision. Why be inside when you can be out and about watching Spring burst into action. So it was with a little trepidation that we decided to hold our first Woodland Festival Lectures programme at the National Park headquarters at Parke on Saturday right in the middle of the season. We needn’t have worried. There was a real appetite toRead more

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

There’s a lot going on at East Dartmoor NNR and the Bovey Valley Woods. It’s a fantastic area for wildlife, quiet enjoyment and a place for people to learn about and care for the wildlife we have. We’ve been undertaking a project as part of Moor than meets the eye to find ways to get people more involved in the life of the reserve. This has been hugely successful. In particular volunteers have helped us find out more about theRead more

History Hunters: Discovering Tin

Driving across the moor to Tavistock for a six day conference on tin-working, I wondered what I was letting myself in for. I need not have worried. The conference covered all aspects of tin working and was an inclusive and fascinating event for all participants, whether involved in tin research, geology or archaeology. I attended as a volunteer for Natural England with my History Hunter hat on and found it very interesting. It was very well organised by Tom Greeves and Barry Gamble of the Dartmoor TinworkingRead more